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Suit Alterations Services In Danville, CA

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Slim Fit

We can help find a sleek look that will make you the envy of your family and friends.

Classic Fit

Maybe you’d like to pick something more modest? Classic fit is another of our specialties.

Modern Fit

Nothing says “business” like a modern suit! Walk down the street with confidence.

Pant Hems/Alterations Services

You deserve to have suit pants that fit you as well as your favorite pair of jeans. With just a little bit of sewing, you’ll see amazing results that your whole family can benefit from.

Clothing Repair:

Zipper Work

If you need the zipper on your clothes removed, replaced, or otherwise fixed up, look no further. Whether you need work on your suits or your dresses, we’ll take care of them – and deliver them straight to your door in the Bay Area.

Tailoring: Basic, Custom, and Wedding Dress Alterations

Not the suit-and-tie type? Don’t worry; we tailor dresses, too! From everyday wear to the dress picked out for your big day, our professional team handles it all.


Ordinary sewing can be a hassle, and you’ve got enough to worry about in your life. Trust us with any important alterations you need!


See something you like that we haven’t covered on our site? Just ask! Clothes should make you feel good about yourself, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have your garments altered to your specifications.

Wedding Dresses

You lost weight before your big day, didn’t you? In that case, a trip to Martinizing Dry Cleaning is in your future, where we can alter the fit of your dress to make it look all the better.

Schedule My Pickup

Need to schedule an appointment for a pickup? Fill out our form with your contact information today, and our professional cleaners will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our services span from Alameda to Danville, to throughout the Bay Area! Delivery hours will vary based on your location.


Watch how our in-house tailor Reiko expertly handles an original Hem. She first cuts off the cuff at the length specified. Next, she prepares the cuffs to be sewn. She then reattaches the cuff to the legs. The Pants are now at the correct length all while maintaining the exact original hem as it came from the factory.


As a side note, for alterations regarding the fit of clothes, please indicate your specific measurements and hem requests either by phone/email, placing a note inside of your pickup bag, or coming into our Danville or Alameda location for a complimentary sizing from our staff.

About Us


We have two Bay area locations – one in Danville and another in Alameda – and we service over a dozen cities with our dry cleaning pickup and delivery. With our 15+ years of dry cleaning experience, you can expect great customer service and quality alterations.

If you live in Danville, or Livermore CA, or in nearby cities in the Tri-Valley region, we follow a set route schedule. We are also available to deliver “on-demand” if you’d like to schedule an appointment on a different day instead.

Our typical turnaround is 2 days for normal garments. However, if you are in a time pinch, we can expedite the process. Just let us know, and we can be accommodating! Hours vary slightly between each location, so please keep that in mind.

For more information about our service, or to schedule over the phone, call us at (925) 938-5000 or visit us.

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For more information or to schedule for service, call us at 925-938-5000 or sign up with the form below.

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For more information about our services or to schedule a pickup, call us at 925-938-5000 or sign up with the form below.


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Schedule Your Pick-Up Today!

($20 Off For First Time Customers!)

100% Privacy Guaranteed