How To Get Dirt Stains Out of Clothes

At Martinizing Dry Cleaning, we entertain the questions of hundreds of parents, white-collar employees, and even newlyweds asking how to get dirt stains out of clothes. Dirt stains can come from a broad range of sources. Whether they’re from gardening work, puddle splashes from playing sports, or paw prints from your pet, they never fail to put a damper on your favorite shirt or suit pants.

If you want to know how to get dirt stains out of white clothes, keep reading. Our dry cleaning technicians will explain how you can do it without ordering industrial-strength cleaners.

Dirt stains on clothes rank as one of the most common problems we solve at Martinizing Dry Cleaning. In this explainer, our professional dry cleaners will outline how to get dirt stains out of your clothes step-by-step and which cleaning materials you should avoid no matter how much the internet pushes you to get them.

Whether you want to learn how to get dirt stains out of a suit jacket for an upcoming event or would like to know how to remove set-in mud stains from an athletic uniform before putting it away, our technicians have you covered.

What Are Dirt Stains, and Why Are They So Hard To Remove?

Dirt stains on textiles come in all shapes and sizes. Some come from grass, leaves, and other natural sources, while often-overlooked ones come from causes like cars, animal waste, and mud from shoes. The most common dirt stains we tend to from customers who don’t work outdoors involve some mixture of grease, coffee grounds, and sweat, with other human secretions that act as a primer.

Dirt stains on clothes differ from ones you can find on non-washable surfaces, like curtains, carpets, and rugs. Dirt stains are a common occurrence in homes that host children and pets. If you want to know how to get dirt stains out of various household surfaces, call us today, and we’ll tell you in a consultation.

Dirt stains are so common that most dry cleaners consider them the number one enemy of white clothing, but at Martinizing Dry Cleaning, we opt to see them in a positive light. Dirt stains prove that people continue to stay active and take risks, and we believe that is something to celebrate.

Our technicians know how to remove dirt stains from all kinds of clothing, and if you want to work on a DIY laundry project, consider this article your guide.

How To Remove Mud Stains When Fresh

Removing dirt and mud stains from your clothing is essential for your laundry care routine. The usual first reaction when people spot stains is to rinse them off with water, isopropyl alcohol, or tamp them in a rush to remove the pigmentation from the fabric at the earliest opportunity. If you must deal with mud and dirt stains, patience is the key, as you would need to negate this reaction.

Follow this list of steps on how to get dirt stains out of clothes:

  • Wait for the mud to dry, which should not take more than five to fifteen minutes
  • Scrape away the solidified mud using a spoon or dull knife
  • Apply dishwashing liquid or liquid detergent directly into the area and let soak for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Grab a toothbrush and dip it in water, then scrub the soap into the opposing sides of the area
  • Put the stained piece of clothing into a separate wash from your other clothes
  • Air dry and repeat this process until you remove 100% of the mud stain

How To Get Rid of Dirt Stains From Red Mud

Red mud is an industrial term for a soil mixture that looks like red dirt. It refers to the red particulates from bauxite, a metal oxide that refers to a by-product of aluminum processing. These red mud concrete mixtures are highly reliable, and contractors use them in a broad range of flooring and roofing materials.

Removing red mud from clothes can be challenging, but it’s doable. Here’s how:

  • Follow the first three steps of our prior guide, but let the detergent soak overnight on the stained area
  • Scrub the opposing sides of the stained area with a wet toothbrush
  • Wash the item separately from your other clothes
  • Erase traces of red mud with color-safe bleach
  • If reddish spots remain, flush the stained area with rubbing alcohol before machine washing a second time
  • Air dry and repeat as many times as necessary

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