Laundered Vs. Dry Clean: A Good Clean Fight

Many people believe laundering and dry cleaning are the same thing. Although they share many similarities, there are key differences that separate the two services, and understanding these differences will help you determine the best service for your needs.

So, laundered vs. dry cleaning: Which works best? To find out, the experts at Martinizing Dry Cleaning created a short guide to teach you about laundering and dry cleaning and the factors differentiating the two services.

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What’s the Difference Between Laundering and Dry Cleaning?

Laundering and dry cleaning are efficient laundry methods that clean clothes and eliminate unsightly blemishes from their surface. While both are effective techniques for washing clothes, they utilize different elements and processes.

The key difference between laundering and dry cleaning is water use. Laundering uses detergent, water, and a commercial washing machine to clean clothes. However, dry cleaners use water-free solvents to wash clothes and remove imperfections.

Also, laundering services typically use gentler detergents and soaps than dry cleaning companies. Many dry cleaning solvents contain harsh chemicals that require a hazardous waste company to pick up and dispose of safely. These chemicals remove persistent stains more efficiently but make some people hesitate to dry clean their garments.

Dry cleaning is more rigorous and removes stains better than laundering. Most people take their formal clothes to the dry cleaners to ensure they look flawless during their next event. Laundering works best for everyday apparel and isn’t as harsh of a process.

Pros of Laundering and Dry Cleaning

So, which is best, laundered vs. dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning and laundering feature unique benefits that help your clothes maintain their alluring appearance. Below are some common advantages of laundering and dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

  • Removes stains, grease, and oil more efficiently
  • Preserves the clothing’s longevity
  • Better for clothes made from natural fibers like wool and silk
  • Reduces the chances of your clothes shrinking, bleeding, or distorting


  • Less expensive than dry cleaning
  • Doesn’t utilize harsh chemicals
  • More energy efficient

Cons of Laundering and Dry Cleaning

Although laundering and dry cleaning are fantastic ways to clean your clothes, they aren’t perfect. Both have a few drawbacks you must consider before committing to a specific service. Below are some cons of laundering and dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

  • Uses harsh chemicals
  • Can leave chemical stains on apparel
  • Can leave a foul-smelling odor on clothes
  • More expensive


  • Doesn’t remove stains as well as dry cleaning
  • Increases the chances of shrinkage

Where Can I Find High-Quality Laundering and Dry Cleaning Services in East Bay, CA?

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