what size washer for a king size comforter

What Size Washer for King Comforter

While king-size comforters are thinner than standard duvets, they provide better protection and warmth during the night. Although the bedding is budget-friendly and available in several colors to match your bedroom decor, some comforter sizes are challenging to take care of.

What size washer for king comforter is one of the most popular questions homeowners ask themselves when it’s time to clean their bedding. So, what size washer do I need to wash my bedding properly?

In this post, we will discuss how big of a washer for a king-size comforter you need in your home.

Washer Size for King Comforter

The truth is that almost no one enjoys washing bedding because of the size and time they take. However, it is a weekly activity, so it is better to learn how to do it quickly and efficiently.

First, you need to ensure you got the proper washer size for the king comforter. If you have a large family, you probably need two washing machines or one extra-large machine with more capacity. However, for a small family or a single person, what size washer for queen comforter do you need to wash the oversized blanket or sheets?

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Washing Machine for Comforters

Ideally, you need to have a washing machine with a 4.2 cubic ft capacity to clean your large bedding set. The good thing is that there are large machines with such a capacity available for household use. 

Some homeowners say it is easier to wash a comforter in a top load washer, but others disagree and reveal that front load washers are better for the job.

It is also essential to consider the quality and brand of the washer. Not all washers can accommodate the needs of a large family who uses king-size comforters.

Best Washer for King Size Comforter

If you take the proper steps and you have a suitable washer, you can easily clean your favorite comforter at home.

Here are some of the best washers suitable for king-size comforters:

1. LG Electronics WM3398HBA

If you are looking for an all-in-one washer and dryer at a competitive price, you can’t go wrong with LG WM3398HBA. It is an excellent choice for prominent families or people worried about the small drum size. In this washer, there is plenty of space for all of your clothes, towels, and bedding items, including your comforter.

The standard front-load washer’s drum capacity is 4.5 cubic feet. The capacity is bigger than other all-in-one appliances, making the cost worthwhile. LG WM3398HBA also has 14 different washing cycles, including activewear, bedding, and allergies.

2. Electrolux Titanium EFLS627UTT

Electrolux Titanium EFLS627UTT is the best washer for heavy blankets, making it the perfect option for washing a king-size comforter. In addition, it removes stubborn stains better than any other washer on the market. With its modern design, it can be the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Electrolux Titanium will impress you with its superior performance, detergent pod dispenser, and ease of use.

3. LG WM3488HW

Some will say that LG WM3488HW is small in size. However, this incredible device is designed to last a long time, is built from premium materials, and has a powerful direct-drive engine.

The drum’s capacity is impressive. It can hold oversized comforters, bed linens, and sheets. Another benefit is the detergent dispenser which doesn’t produce any noise and is very handy during the washing process.

Helpful Tips for Washing King Comforters

Now that you are familiar with the appropriate king comforter washer size and appropriate washers, it is time to learn a few steps that will help you in the overall machine washing process.

Read the Comforter’s Label

Before you throw your comforter in the washing machine, make sure to check the label and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Manufacturers put those labels for a reason – to help you take proper care of your comforter and wash it at the right temperature.

As you know, you can shrink some materials, such as silk and wool, in the washing machine, so if the instructions say, “Dry Clean Only,” it is best to let local professionals take care of your comforter.

If the instructions say it is okay to wash your king-size comforter in the washing machine, make sure to use the right setting – handwashing or cold water. It is also worth mentioning that you should also wash your down comforters. You can also wash them in the machine, but separately because of the large size.

Wash Your Comforter Individually

Don’t let the big drum size fool you. You should always wash your king comforter by itself. Due to its large size, the comforter needs to have proper space to absorb the detergent.

Adding sheets or pillows into the machine isn’t recommended.

Remove Any Stains 

Before washing, it is essential to treat the stains. Based on the material, use an appropriate cleaning solution to remove the stain. If you don’t have a cleaning product at home, you can always use the good old mix of water and baking soda.

Once you treat the stains, check the comforter for any holes or loose threads. If there are some, repair them before you put the comforter in the machine to prevent further damage to the material.

Select the Appropriate Detergent

While you might be tempted to use heavy detergents for a long-lasting smell, sooner or later, you will realize that the scent is too strong and not appropriate for the bedroom.

It is to go with a mild detergent and a natural smell.

Choose the Right Washing Cycle

The temperature you wash your comforter is critical. Follow the instructions, and if they say you need to wash your comforter on a gentle cycle, don’t experiment. If you want, you can add an extra rinse for better and more thorough cleaning.

Some labels also recommend washing in cold water to protect the fabric and the color.

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How to Dry a King Comforter at Home

If washing a king comforter at home is a challenge, drying one is an even bigger struggle. After you’ve cleaned the king-size comforter, you will need to dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your bed.

Air Dry

If you have space and the weather is appropriate, it is best to hang your comforter outside to air dry. Pale-colored bedding will benefit because the sun will bleach any blemishes and revive the fabric.


If your dryer is large enough to accommodate a king-size comforter, you can throw it inside. Make sure to set drying at a lower temperature to avoid shrinkage or damage.

The best way to ensure your comforter dries evenly is to remove it from the dryer every 30 minutes, fluff it to redistribute the filling, and return it inside the dryer.

Dry with Tennis Balls

Believe it or not, drying king-size bedding with tennis balls is a secret used by so many people around the world. Tennis balls will evenly distribute the filling and make sure your comforter looks brand new.

Always dry at the temperature suggested on the label for several hours.

Are There Any Alternatives to Wash a Comforter?

Whether you can’t find a suitable washing machine with a large capacity or don’t have enough space to accommodate a large washing and/or drying machine, we understand your struggle. Unfortunately, you are not the first person who has difficulties washing a king-size comforter. Luckily, there are alternatives to washing your bedding quickly and easily.

Dry cleaning was and still is one of the best options to wash and dry your comforter. Some will say it is expensive, but the price is well worth it because it gets the job done faster than any other washer for household use.

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