Why Should You Not Wash Clothes on New Years?

New Year is an exciting time full of events and activities celebrating the upcoming year. However, some people have a peculiar tradition of not washing clothes until January 2nd. So, why should you not wash clothes on New Year?

To answer this question and more, Martinizing Dry Cleaning created a brief guide to teach you why you shouldn’t wash clothes on New Year’s and how the tradition started.

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Should You Wash Clothes on New Years?

Many people have New Years traditions like eating black-eyed peas for good luck and throwing extravagant parties. However, many people avoid laundry on New Year’s Day, with some evading the chore from Christmas to January 2nd. So, why should you not wash clothes on New Years?

Many people believe washing clothes on New Years brings bad luck and can even jeopardize a loved one’s life. They think that washing clothes on New Years causes them to “wash away” a loved one, causing them to die in the upcoming year. Some even take it a step further and avoid washing dishes to prevent “washing away” good luck and fortune.

The peculiar tradition isn’t just in the United States; many cultures believe in similar superstitions, making it a worldwide phenomenon.

For example, the Chinese don’t do laundry on the first or second day of the Chinese New Year to celebrate the water god’s birth. They believe washing clothes during these days disrespects the water god and pours away wealth. The Chinese also avoid other activities on New Year, including:

  • Getting a haircut
  • Eating meat and porridge for breakfast
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Using unlucky words
  • Taking medications
  • Using knives and scissors

Other cultures believe whatever you do on New Year’s Day reflects the entire year. If you do laundry on January 1st, it will cause you to work strenuously throughout the year. However, if you relax and spend time with your spouse and children, you will have good luck and make several family memories throughout the year.

If you receive new bedding as a Christmas present, consider washing them before New Year’s to avoid bad luck! 

The Superstition’s Origin

Like other superstitions, no one knows when or how the strange tradition originated. However, it’s been very popular for several decades, with many people believing it traces back centuries.

Families likely passed down the legend from generation to generation. As time went on, the tradition grew, eventually spreading throughout the world in various variations.

However, not doing laundry on New Year is exceedingly popular in the southern United States. Although this doesn’t prove the superstition’s origin, it likely spread from the south to neighboring regions.

Other Strange New Years Superstitions

Avoiding laundry isn’t the only New Year’s superstition in the United States; there are several unusual New Year’s traditions that people believe bring them good fortune during the upcoming year.

Some people avoid cleaning their homes out of fear of sweeping away good luck. They view sweeping, vacuuming, and other chores as ominous and think they will bring their family bad luck if they perform them during New Years.

Another peculiar New Years tradition is avoiding empty pockets. Many Americans and foreign cultures believe having money in their pockets during New Years will improve their finances during the upcoming year. They think empty pockets reflect low income and will jeopardize their finances during the new year.

One of the most common New Years traditions is kissing a loved one at midnight. Some people do it to display this affection for their significant other, while others believe it strengthens their love for the next 12 months. They think kissing their spouse or significant other on New Years will help them stay together and help their love flourish.

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